Fundraising Resources for Your Startup Part 1

Funding is one of the top challenges in getting a startup off the ground. While you can bootstrap your startup with your personal savings, having other sources of funds ensures that you can keep your business running. We’ve come up with the following resources to help you raise capital. Here’s part 1 of our startup funding resources series.

Forward Partners

Founded in 2013, Forward Partners is an early stage VC firm based in London, England. Forward Partners operates like an incubator, investing in companies from the idea stage to the post-launch/seed stage. Combining funding with operational expertise, they work with startups from development, hiring, and fundraising to customer acquisition. Hailo, Zopa, Spoke, Unbound, DriftRock, Makers Academy, and Applied AI are just some of the companies Forward Partners has invested in.


Founded in 2004 as AngelSoft by New York investor David Rose, it rebranded and relaunched in  2011 as Powering over 1,000 investment organisations in 190+ countries, Gust is a global SaaS funding platform that you can use to source and manage early-stage investments.

The platform offers a suite of tools and services to help you incorporate your company, keep track of company ownership, find accelerators, and raise capital from angel investors and VCs. Over 500,000 startup founders have used the funding platform to connect and work with over 70,000 investors.


The F6S unique name comes from shortening the six letters between F and S in the word ‘Founders’.  Based in London, England, F6S is home to 2 million tech founders and 800,000 startups. It delivers founders more than $1 billion a year in opportunities in grants, funding, grants, and services.

Tech startups and SMEs part of the F6S community have the advantage of getting government grants and R&D tax relief. Need to apply to accelerator programs, pitch investment funds, post or apply for jobs, get free deals, or grow with other founders? F6S is one of UK’s largest platforms for founders.

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Started in 2005 and based in New York, EquityNet is a equity crowdfunding platform that connects small businesses and entrepreneurs to accredited investors. With a focus on small businesses, EquityNet has over 10,000 companies and 4,000 investors on its platform. As with other funding services, you build a business profile and optimise your business plan. You then review your funding options, browse investors, share your plan, and get funding quickly. The platform also provides educational tools and a virtual forum for entrepreneurs to connect with prospective investors.


Founded in 2012 and based in New York as well, SeedInvest is another equity crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage startups using preferred equity and convertible notes. On the other hand, it provides investors access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities in a simple way. With a growing network of over 200,000 investors, SeedInvest  typically invests between $500,000 - $5 million as part of a syndicate. Since its launch, the platform has helped over 230 companies raise capital online.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our startup funding resources series!


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