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The Future of Building Teams

Addressing the growing IT talent shortage, Cloud Employee is a US corporation that provides over 200 Software Developers, Devops and Testers located across Brazil and the Philippines to US businesses.

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Quality Assurance

We match you with vetted fluent English speaking world class developers. Developers undergo personality and technical assessments to ensure we select the right talent.


We take care of vetting and matching candidates with clients based on specific requirements. We save clients time and money on sourcing and interviewing candidates so they can focus on theircore business.


Hire one developer or a team of 20. We help clients quickly scale their teams up or down as needed.

US Account Managers

With offices in Miami and San Diego our onshore client experience team provides support to clients throughout the engagement, onboarding, and ongoing communication to ensure high-quality standards.


Our retention rate is 2.4 years on average. Whilst developers report directly to you, we invest in your team’s wellbeing, learning & development and engagement to ensure they remain energised, feel supported, and part of a vibrant community.

Delivering incredible value for US companies

Beyond Effective

Our offices focus on engagement and efficiency, while keeping employees’
wellbeing and positivity at the forefront of priorities.

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