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Senior CiviCRM Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Has over 9 years of experience and knowledge on the latest web technologies is able to create a well coded, documented and optimized system.
  • Easy to adjust on new environment and always willing to learn new technologies.
  • Had lead a small group of developers and help them improve up to the best practices as possible.
  • Experienced on PHP, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, Laravel. Python, MySQL, AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML5 and CSS3
Work Experience

Senior PHP Developer
May 2015 - Present
  • Developed and maintained a Trust Account System for a real estate company. Salesforce for object lists and Ezidebit for payment. It also has agent user which they can create email marketing using BeeFree js.
  • Developed/Maintain a Project where they store portfolios of clients for loans, assets etc to track down their budget of what they can afford, so the company can offer them assets such as houses, cars etc. This system has reports, modules lists, acl, calculators and is connected to a CRM of lead gens that helps look up clients.
  • Developed/Maintained Job Scheduling System that that gives the Company an overview of their works. They also have the capability to manage users including ACL and manage jobs including job assignment and job templates.
  • Developed/Maintaina Web Based configuration for Uniqcam software. The system can manage images, videos and cameras. They can configure the camera's setting by setting up the details and uploading to the server and then to be downloaded by the camera instead of accessing the cameras one by one to update their configuration.
  • Developed/Maintain a Mobile Sale Tracking System. With modules such as  dealers, phone/accessories, stocks, orders, company, staffs, reconciliations and users with different user types, reports and dashboard. ACL is also implemented.
  • Developed/Maintain Task Management System to help the company manage their tasks by their own vision. Consists of  projects, tasks, milestones, photos, prices and users(includes ACL) assigned to a project or task.
Web Developer
June 2010 - May 2015
  • Developed/Maintain a survey generator for different campaigns and departments and a report that can be generated and downloaded as a csv file. Is most likely used in rating team leaders and company's departments performance.
  • Developed/Maintain a Room Reservation Calendar type system for different Rooms across Acquire sites. Able to change schedule and detect conflicts. Schedules on rooms must be approved by campaign approvers.
  • Developed/Maintain a Training Requisition System. Used to schedule training for new agents. This is also tied up with room reservation. Although the approvers of TRF is different.
  • Developed/Maintain a Document System for the company that has user restrictions depending on the security level of the document.
  • Developed/Maintain an Employee Self Service system for account centralization wherein they can change their details that'll be use in all systems of the company. Starting from applicant registration upto becoming an employee. Also used in using other systemssuch as CRMS etc. Request company forms or upload form requirements.
  • Developed a message tracking system for our Messaging Queue to track  success and failed requests. Able to resend failed messages as well.

BS Information Technology
STI College
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