Moneybookers Developer Samantha


Mid-level Moneybookers Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Samantha is an enthusiastic and multi-talented member of the team having already worked in a number of roles for Cloud Employee. She is comfortable talking to clients directly as she has a history in sales and customer service. She is comfortable talking to clients as she has a history in sales and customer service, added to the experience in admin and lead generation, she can operate in a number of back office roles. She is also knowledgeable in Crypto Currency, trading online using and

Having worked for Cloud Employee from their formative years, she is a loyal and dedicated professional who is keen to continue progressing his skills. She has a history of working with clients on an international basis and has been instrumental in helping grow our own team. 

Due to her well-rounded skill set she finds it easy to adapt to new positions and is hoping to work with new clients helping them achieve the same success that Cloud Employee has and thereby adding to her already strong reputation. 

Work Experience

International Sales Rep/Web Dev
February 2015 - Present

Client: My Firms App

  • Update IOS and android application using Php Programming Language
  • Communicate with the Technical Developers if ever errors occured

Client: Stop Sleep Go

  • Answer calls from customer for Sales, booking inquiries, and verification
  • Answers questions through support email
  • Call back clients who need assistance with verification of account
  • Calls out to possible client for sales
  • Helps checking documents to avoid fraud
Technical Support Rep/Account Expert
January 2013 - January 2015
  • Answer customer’s inquiries, complaints, billing questions and payment.
  • Handles highly escalated calls regarding billing disputes, products and services
  • Avoid long-time customer from cancelling by selling the value of the services and give available promotions
  • Inform them of the perks they can get that are listed in the website
  • Provides supervision when Team Leader is on leave
  • Consistently achieve call quality score goals to assist in achieving client and customer satisfaction goals
Outbound Call Representative
June 2012 - January 2013
  • Conducts outbound calls within guidelines/ goals established by the client and contact centre management
  • Consistently achieve call quality score goals to assist in achieving client and customer satisfaction goals
  • Answering queries of customers, and the advantages of the products and travel packages
  • Made sure that pitch is within the QA guidelines

Associate Degree in Information Technology
2008 - 2012
Technological Institute of the Philippines
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