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Mid-level CUDA Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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With 4 years of total working experience. An IT professional with solid CUDA development experience both with web and desktop applications development. Has  more than 2 years of DevOps experience. His main objective is to pursue a career in big data analytics, programming, web development, cloud computing and big data solutions development and ultimately to have a key role in an organisations that transforms core computer science into results that can benefit humanity. 

Work Experience

.NET Applications Developer
March 2016 - Present
  • Develops .NET (Visual C# 2012) for desktop, web, and automation based software solutions.
  • Main tools include ASP.NET MVC4, Visual Studio 2012, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, JQueryUI, SQL, Entity Framework
  • Developed a new TestEng Intranet (Web) Application which caters to home page viewing, and business group options which include dedicated pages for AR&D, CEO, CASG, IMSG, and Mobility.
  • Core page functions also include CFO page, EDA, Facilities page, GTS, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, QA, Sales, Security, and Logistics.
  • An employee resources page which lets users manage employee related transactions like payroll (pay slip) viewing, discounts, ethics, events, and stock options management,
  • Developed yield rate report (YRR) intranet (web) application that provides yield information for products. Back end for this is an SQL Server database, and is accessed through the intranet (MVC) app where core entity framework functions are used.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the IRAC (holds) webpage.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the HWC management webpage.
  • Manages web application used for manufacturing automation.
  • Highly proficient in the following development packages: .NET Visual C# 2012, ASP.NET MVC4, Visual C++, SQL Management Studio, TCP/IP Sockets programming, and serial I/O APIs in .NET.
  • High proficiency with web development tools include: SQL, JavaScript, CSS3, Entity 
  • Page 4
  • Framework, Ajax, JQueryUI, WPF, MVVM and MVC Design Pattern, N-tier Application development, Database Analysis.
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC4, Visual Studio 2012, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, JQueryUI, SQL, Entity Framework
.NET Applications Developer
November 2015 - March 2016
  • Develops .NET Sharepoint solutions for OpenText (client)
  • Developed Cost Center ID sharepoint UI which caters to business rules for managing PCCID (Planning Cost Centre IDs) records.
  • Development spans from the database end (back end), middle end (business rules), to front end (sharepoint web part).
  • Database end is stored procedure driven, ADO.NET is mainly used to interface to the back end.
  • Consists of 6 sharepoint web parts, all built from scratch.
  • Telerik is used to handle data grid and hierarchy views of data.
  • Database end consist of hierarchical data.
  • Managed the conversion of 20 sharepoint solutions to use the secure store service to store database, file path, and url credentials.
  • Developed the publish functionality of the Kyriba sharepoint UI.
  • Technologies: Sharepoint, C#, UI/UX
.NET Applications Developer
April 2014 - October 2015
Claims Module
  • This is the main module that is responsible for handling and managing insurance claims.
  • This is one of the main modules that is being migrated to mainstream .NET technologies coming from a legacy system.
  • Design and develop the integration layer for the claims module.
  • Design and develop WCF soap based solutions handling service oriented requirements
for the claims module.
  • Design and develop database migration from DB2 to SQL Server 2014 using SSIS.
  • Conducted a .NET C# and ASP.NET boot camp for legacy system developers.
  • Technologies: .NET C# and ASP.NET , SSIS

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electronics and Communications Engineering,
2010 - 2014
De LaSalle University - Manila
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