ABAP Developer Marc


Junior ABAP Developer
2 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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An experienced developer in ABAP and CakePHP. Skilled in PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, WordPress, MySQL, NodeJS, PromiseJS and Web pack.

Work Experience

Web Developer
April 2016 - December 2018
  • Developed and managed back-end codes of using MVC thru CakePHP Framework.
  • Created different Web Emails
  • Designed and Managed Databases of Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, Delivery and Accounting Plug-in using ABAP
  • Handled Laravel Framework for the development 
  • Handled WordPress for the website
  • Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel 5.4, CakePHP, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL

Bachelor of Science major in Computer Science
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