ERP Developer Lance Ray

Lance Ray

ERP Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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With over 1 years of full stack development experience, He possess expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis / Design, Java Development and other open source technologies. Team oriented professional with extensive experience in web-based and client/server based applications development and a problem solver who can design reasonable solutions and can assist other with issues.

Work Experience

Software Engineer
October 2017 - Present

Research and Development

Perform intensive research on open-source technologies and how they can be appropriately applied to existing and new projects.

  • Explore GWT and integrate to Spring and Hibernate application.
  • Develop social networking project using Ruby on Rails.
  • Allow members to write letters to newspapers and magazines around the world. The letter will automatically publish to the website for others can view. Editors of the printed and online publications to which the letters is sent will be evaluated and published.
  • Implement solution base on client’s specification request.
  • Create page design and custom CSS rules.
  • Develop administration module which will provide user access rights throughout the application.


A system that will connect to the bank and allow users to select their loan option. The system will automatically do withdrawals for monthly loan payment.

  • Design and develop database schema. Code application interfaces, services and DAO implementations.
  • Provide data modeling and object relational mapping and created custom pages.
  • Implement reporting system for monthly and weekly data that capable of generating HTML, Excel and PDF formats.

Timesheet System

Maintain employee's daily time records, track shift schedules and project manager who handle the employee.

  • Design database schema and the entire application.
  • Create relational mapping objects, implements interfaces, services, controllers and custom pages. Add customs CSS rules and Ajax functionality.

Vision Strategist

Allows users to collaboratively enter product and technology information, and then graphically depicts it in the form of a multi-dimensional roadmap – a document that visualizes the status and dependencies of an opportunity.

  • Develop organization module which allow users to view and maintain organization records.
  • Technologies: GWT, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Ruby-on-Rails, Webrick, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Java, J2EE, MySQL, Oracle 10G to 12G , DWR



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2013 - 2017
University of Cebu
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