Caveman2 Developer Kim Luis

Kim Luis

Mid-level Caveman2 Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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A software engineer who designs and develops enterprise web applications through project engagements with different clients that meet the target timelines and provides deliverables with superior quality. Possesses experience with different tools and databases through integration with different systems. Applies strong collaboration skills and diligence by working closely with team members, project managers, and business users during project implementation, and able to multitask with different projects at hand.

Work Experience

.NET Developer
September 2017 - Present
  • Involves in daily improvements of business operations by optimizing the business processes and infrastructure of the company through learning from the mistakes of the recently closed business.
  • Engages with different prospective clients to become new opportunities for business growth while retaining a good relationship with the current client base.
  • Upgraded the old CRM system being used by two big clients of the old company into brand new software by engaging the management in discussing the key reasons why is there a need for a new software, gathering the requirements, planning the software architecture, and developing the software, taking into consideration the current clients and the target market of the new software.
  • Created an interface between the company’s website and the new CRM in order to gain more ways to acquire new leads for the company and grow the business.
  • Established a better relationship with most of the clients of the company by addressing their issues and requests and providing better ideas for them in order to help their business grow and become more confident with the products and services of the company. 
.NET Developer
July 2016 - May 2017
  • Involved in the design, development, and enhancement of different modules to support different clients' needs based on the rough requirements given by them.
  • Interacted with different clients, both local and foreign, specifically clients in Australia for ad-hoc requests and project engagements. 
Web Developer
March 2015 - July 2016
  • Involved in the weekly check-in of codes through designing and developing modules based on the business requirements from the team.
  • Has been involved in different support-related tasks which comprise of enhancements of existing modules to cater different use case scenarios received from both the team and from the clients' point of view and providing fixes to bugs filed in the support desk by various clients of the company.
  • Has also been involved in different integrations involving modules which uses PDA devices for warehouse usage, and integration of the inventory management to a delivery management system which communicates with different carriers. 



Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Rizal Technological University
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