DevOps Engineer Justine


Mid-level DevOps Engineer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Justine is an AWS Certified with experience in Development, Deployment Operations and QA. Justine is DevOps for almost 5 years now. Strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.

Work Experience

Software Engineer / DevOps
June 2016 - Present
  • Provide short custom development projects such as SMS services and web based applications in relation with Telco.
  • Assist third level support for all endorsed projects from all Business Units to ensure that all issues are properly catered.
  • Support includes investigations, script enhancement, solutions and analysis.
  • Worked on a project as a QA Automation Engineer for mobile captive portals that will be used on pre-deployment. 
  • Created a package coded in Java and Appium Desktop as a server to make test scripts for QA Automation. 
  • In-charge of the maintenance and development of the database related which includes database maintenance at Rackspace and AWS, query optimizations and enhancements, data migration, tables and views creation, stored procedure, functions, data extraction and investigation and library used in apps (Coded in Perl/php). 
  • Bug fixing using PHP
  • Technologies: PHP, Perl, DevOps, AWS, Data Migration
Systems Analyst/Programmer
April 2015 - June 2016
  • Handles the backup and restoration of database for development purposes.
  • Assigned as the publisher of the system’s additional module, enhancement and modification.
  • Develops and document the following using the SDLC process:  
    • Uploading Facility | Systems for Insurance Management 
    • Policy Cancellation | Systems for Insurance Management 
    • Accounts Receivable Enhancement | Accounts Receivable Tracking System 
  • Other responsibilities:  
    • Data Migration 
    • Rectify database Error | Data Extraction | Handles user inquiries 
    • Debug and Enhance existing modules coded in PHP, ASP Classic, ASP.Net, VB6, VB.Net, MSSQL (SP and Functions) 
    • Documentation (User Acceptance Test, User’s Manual, System Process Flow, System Requirements) 
  • Technologies: PHP, ASP Classic, ASP.Net, VB, MSSQL, SDLC
Junior Programmer
February 2014 - March 2015
  • Develop a web base program using the integration of HTML, PHP, and javascript to create a user-friendly, secure and reliable module that automates everyday operations within the company. 
  • Provides technical support in the head office and the 24 outlet stores through phone and by accessing the computer remotely over the internet. 
    • Rectify database error | Data Extraction. 
    • Develop  Modules based on the company needs coded in PHP.
    • Debug errors coded in PHP, Cold-Fusion and Visual Basic. 
    • Update website contents and 360 view of store’s virtual tour. 
  • Technologies: PHP, HTML, Javascript, Cold-Fusion, Visual Basic

B​achelor of Science in Computer Science
2009 - 2013
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