TACTIC Developer Heather


Junior TACTIC Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Heather has experience building full stack web applications, provides support to database developments, data warehousing and reports development. 

She is a hardworking and dedicated individual with a passion for programming. Heather is looking to be part of a team that shares the same passion and vision to innovate as she does. 

Work Experience

Application Developer
November 2015 - November 2017
  • DLP Engineers under DLP-YODA team.
  • Developed, supported and monitored database developed queries to make sure reports created are delivered on time and accurately.
  • Developed and supported four web applications using Sencha ExtJS 6+, CSS, D3, PHP, SQL Server, and IIS.
  • Continued to support issues and enhancements to legacy web applications developed using Perl.
Software Engineering Associate
June 2014 - September 2015
  • Assigned to a team specializing in SAP Business Intelligence in order to develop a Data Warehouse for a company. 
  • One of the first people in the development project to conduct product testing and extended this knowledge to the project’s testing team.
  • Played a key role as Person of Contact (POC) for Data Load Monitoring for different SAP environments in the development project.

Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology
Saint Louis University
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