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4 years experience

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An experienced software developer with more than 2 years of quality and extensive in Android application development. Knowledgeable and passionate in observing SOLID principles, and inversion of control (IoC) in software engineering. Has employed best practices at work making sure the code base is clean, well maintained, modular and scalable leveraging the use of software architectures like Clean, MVP, MVVM. Highly skilled in common Android libraries like Retrofit for networking, RxJava for streams and Dagger in managing complex object dependencies. Have rich experience with working on remote services using REST apis and have working knowledge in backend development using such GraphQL and NodeJS and MongoDB for persistence. Have great passion and initiative for learning and self improvement and highly values teamwork, respect and communication.

Work Experience

Mobile App Developer
September 2018 - Present
  • Responsible for developing the application written in Java, fixing bugs and addressing issues, incrementally added/modified features in the application without causing too many setbacks.
  • Incorporated 3rd -party business required technologies such as Gigya for user authentication and Akamai for media playback, Retrofit for networking, RxJava for streams and Dagger to manage complex object dependencies and MVP instances.
  • Developed custom widgets for the app such as a customized remote-friendly on-screen keyboard, custom input field with 2-way data binding using Android’s DataBinding library, an EPG widget, and media controls overlay for the Akamai video player.
Android Developer
September 2016 - September 2018
  • An application written in Kotlin. Used by team members to complete their daily task and guiding them in doing their work without costing the owner’s resources for training.
  • Developed the application using Kotlin applying the use of MVP especially in separating concerns within the app.
  • Necessarily deployed design patterns to solve intricate communication and presentation problems between various business objects, managers and adapters in the application.
  • Developed a web auto-runner game for kids.
  • Developed game mechanics, level programming and developed a simple platforming mechanics within 2dKit to make level designing easier and configurable and can be delegated to a level designer without coding required.

BS Computer Science
Bicol University
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