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eBay API Developer
4 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • A result-oriented professional engineer with almost 2 years of experience as Python Developer.
  • Abilities in studying state of the art development tools and techniques
  • A keen communicator with honed interpersonal, problem-solving and negotiation abilities.
  • He hopes to be exposed in a professional working environment where he can use his skills and education in the development and goals of the company.
  • He has shown to be extremely dedicated and loyal proving to have a real patience to provide the best results every time for his clients and in the process becoming an integral part of the team.
Work Experience

Python Developer
May 2018 - Present
  • Develops APIs written in Typescript (Express, Sequelize) - mainly features dealing with coins.ph and Slack Integration
  • Write slack commands frontend by AWS API Gateway and Lambda (Written in Python) which interacts with EC2 Instances, restarting them as needed as well as auditing users who invoked said commands
  • Reduce compute cost by leveraging the use spot instances for EC2 clusters, scheduling of staging UAT environments to shutdown beyond office hours and identified unused resources such as NAT Gateway that were unchecked.
  • Integrate Datadog for centralized log collection and management
  • Setup ELK slack stack for Application Performance monitoring AWS
  • Technologies: Python, AWS, EC2, Typescript


Python Developer
March 2017 - May 2018
  • Coordinate with the team to come up with efficient strategies setting up server side REST endpoints, with regular brainstorming of project requirements. The development is concentrated around Python. 
  • Develop scalable RESTful APIs written in Flask, capable of high throughput which leverages SQLAlchemy as a database abstraction layer for MySQL and Redis as a caching mechanism.
  • Wrote a microservice capable of sending out SMS messages written in Python utilizing Redis to queue messages. Integrated with Mobile360’s API: A third party service dealing with SMS services.
  • Use of Python’s unittest for tested, robust resilient applications
  • Define user behavior to simulate user interaction testing the performance of the system with Locust.io. 
  • Scraping data from third party sites and build relevant datasets.



Mapúa Institute of Technology
2013 - 2017
B.S. Electronics Engineering specialized in: Communications - 2016
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