Machine Learning Engineer Erika Anne

Erika Anne

Mid-level Machine Learning Engineer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Experienced on Back End Development using PHP
  • Working knowledge on front end development using HTML, CSS and JQuery
  • Above Average communication skills
Work Experience

May 2015 - Present
  • Created new features on our applications, review the code of my fellow developers, maintain and enhance our applications by refactoring the code and optimize the database and communicate and work with a team in Manila and Australia.
  • Handled two applications, Plantminer and Felix. The applications were built in legacy code, so the challenges that I’ve encountered are how to improve the code and make it efficient with great quality of code.
  • Created RESTful API, Unit Test, Functional Test and Database Migration Script.
  • Our methodology is Agile – Kanban. We use JIRA as our project management tool.
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, Codeigniter, Laravel, ReactJS, NodeJS, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Phinx, Atlassian
November 2014 - April 2015
  • Created an End to End Testing using NightwatchJS on Sunpower MES Application
  • Technologies: PHP, NightwatchJS
July 2013 - October 2014
  • Build web applications and website from scratch with a team or alone.
  • Research and Development.
  • Help Jr. Web Developer to their tasks and mentor them.
  • Communicate with our Project Managers and Web Designer.
  • As a Sr. Web Developer, the company always trust me to handle some big projects with our big-time clients like Air21 and SM.
  • Technologies: MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Git, Drupal, PayPal, WordPress, OpenCart, CodeBaseHQ, BaseCamp, Codeignighter, Ruby on Rails

BS Information Technology
2009 -2013
Adamson University
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