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Senior FreeBSD Developer
11 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Results oriented software developer and research professional with 9 years of experience in both development and research positions. He makes it his goal to create software but not limiting to what is required with the user in mind, creating applications with a usable and intuitive user interface experience. He also understands the importance of creating highly readable and easily maintainable source code. Constantly striving to learn new technologies and look to ways to better himself in this rapidly changing industry. Eliseo has spent the last 6 months working full time for our European client and is now looking to pursue other opportunities due to contract end.

Work Experience

Senior iOS Developer
September 2015 - Present
  • iOS developer that delivers new feature and maintain Digital Signature Application for iOS
  • Talks to the client for features, implementation and suggest things that would help and match his needs
  • Provides solution to from the current work cycle and automates it using the app
  • Provides an app that is iPhone and iPad ready
  • Provides wireframes, UX and educate clients on new features that can bring new features to the App
  • Traps a lot of bugs from their app and fixed it
  • Able to provide a fast turnaround time when fixing and giving solutions to our clients
  • Able to close a 2 year old bugs and provide a cleaner approach and refactor codes
  • All Preparations for Certificates, Provisioning profiles, Submission to AppStore
  • Makes sure the App supports newer devices
  • Used Instruments to benchmark the performance and catch memory leaks, energy consumption, etc...
  • Used Agile-Scrum Methodology
  • Technologies: Objective-C, RESTful Webservices, JSON, Fabric, TestFlight, XCTest, CocoaPods, Keychain, QR Code, OAuth2, AFNetworking, MVVM
Senior iOS Developer & Web Developer
July 2013 - August 2015
  • iOS developer that delivers an end-to-end solution to the client for their app
  • Talks to the client for features, implementation and suggest things that would help and match his needs
  • Provides solution to from the current work cycle and automates it using the app
  • Provides an app that is iPhone and iPad ready
  • The client was happy about the result and made a comeback for other project opportunities
  • Delivers an easy to use app that helps our team to showcase our projects made to prospect clients and made a huge difference from it.
  • Able to provide a fast turnaround time when fixing and giving solutions to our clients 
  • To lead one of the projects for iOS and support android, web and backend tasks (Angular, Node, Java) for the team of 15 members
  • All Preparations for Certificates, Provisioning profiles, Submission to AppStore, APNS, Beacons
  • Used Instruments to benchmark the performance and catch memory leaks, energy consumption, etc... 
  • One of the core members of the team that handles the structure on how to implement each features
  • Used Agile-Scrum Methodology


  • One of the team member for front-end developer which used HTML, JQuery, CSS in developing the frontend 
  • Handles some of the modules and helped our team members to deliver faster for the clients
  • Able to contribute technical support for each feature and suggest faster but effective approach to each features of the site.
  • The client was happy about the results that were able to produce

IDS for Offerings

  • Core member of the front-end developer which handles HTML, AngularJS, CSS and web services calls to the SharePoint server 
  • The site will be used across teams which was a success that the client was happy and we’re currently implementing multiple sites for each team.
  • Making a technical advice to the team for their tasks
  • Able to share knowledge on how and better approach we can use for the site.
  • Able to deliver tasks during under pressure moment during the first couple of sprints. 
  • Helping other team members to use best approach when implementing certain features of the site

Sentiment Analysis App (iOS)

  • An app that Serves as Survey for each project for each version released

Passport App (iOS)

  • An app for on-the-go submission of photo for passport application in New Zealand that has validation for liveness test that the user needs to perform turning of head left and right, blinking and smiling before taking a photo and the secured backend serves as another layer of validation of the photo if passed for all the requirements of the DFA

Portfolio App (iOS)

  • An app that caters the applications, projects, prototypes of the team for iPad and is being used during the client walk/demo so that during the presentation the presenter can showcase all of those and impress the prospect clients on what the team is capable of.

Mobile Inventory Assistant (MIA - iOS)

  • A self-initiative app that serves as asset inventory to track all of the assets where it is and who borrowed it using the QR Codes, core location, push notifications.

Virtual Management Board (VMB)

  • An app for HoloLens we’ve made for Virtual board of post-it, a collaboration with other team in Australia during the meeting as a Kanban board for the tasks


CBA EVA Event Assistant Mobile App (iOS-AR)

  • An augmented reality app built using Unity 3D, Vuforia and iBeacons and used in museum during an event in Australia to show information by just pointing the camera live feed on the object in the museum, as an additional easter-egg,
  • Added iBeacons for notifying the users that there’s some object that can be scanned nearby

Delta Beacons Floor walk for AA and Nokia Visit (iOS)

  • An app like the Portfolio app that showcase the team’s projects, accomplishments and capable of with the use of iBeacons that changed the information being displayed during the floor walk of presentations.

Retail beacons (beacons for Retails Shops - iOS)

  • A prototype app for Retail shops like groceries that gives information, notifications, current prices, list of products on that rack to the customers when they are near the rack. The app also caters the layout of the grocer so that if the customer wants to know where a specific product then he can see what rack it is in.

DUET App (CBA’s Portfolio App - iOS) 

  • An app like Portforlio app for our customer in Australia to showcase their team, projects, and capabilities

UXM Portfolio App (Project Bugs Bunny - iOS)

  • A version 2 of Portfolio app that in focuses on the small team of the tower team focuses on UX, Mobile Applications

Risk Watch (Both iOS and Android)

  • A prototype made for both platforms to learn android as well and caters a simple reporting app within their area during a calamity which can upload videos, photos, descriptions and tags.

OnBoard Me (iOS)

  • An application for the new employees that they can use to walk thru to all of the onboarding process of the their specific team and also serves as their current status of the training.
  • Technologies: Objective-C, Swift 3, RXSwift, Unity 3d, HoloLens, C#, RESTful Webservices, JSON, Fabric, TestFlight, XCTest, CocoaPods, Keychain, QR Code, OAuth2, MVVM, AFNetworking, Alamofire, Moya, SnapKit
iOS Developer
May 2011 - June 2013
  • Used native Objective-C to develop mobile applications.
  • Started Xcode 4.3 using iOS 4 to Xcode 7 using iOS 9.
  • Develops iPhone and iPad ready applications using Xcode and integrate Storyboard, Auto layout and size Classes for ease of designing, fluidity, and robustness of the app.
  • Manages the Apple account for creating certificates, devices, provisioning profiles, IAP and push notifications
  • Manages the publication to Live of all iOS applications as well as talking with the apple support if there's any issues during publication.
  • Provide Base and Utility frameworks that will be used for future project to cut-down the development time.
  • Handles the debugging and investigation of crash reports from the clients and the users.
  • Support and keeping up-to-date our team for each feature of the app.
  • Handles the merging of codes of the team to GIT repository.
  • Responsible for maintenance of the mobile applications.
  • Develops a prototype app for client demo.
  • Never stops on updating my team for iOS new features and striving for more cleaner and reusable code.
  • Prepares current apps to be capable of running on new iOS version
  • Integrate API like SDWebImages, AFNetworking, ZBar barcode reader, Parse SDK, Paypal, IAP.
  • Integrate social media API in the app like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Evernote
Game App
  • An 8-bit inspired graphics game with ghost, zombies, and Boss that has a look-a-like of one best horror movie character, Mudako! Tap those enemy and save the humanity. Sharing your best score and be listed on our leaderboard.
Radio App
  • A radio app for Canada's radio station "Tinig Pinoy". Updates our fellow Filipino for the latest news and events in Canada. Song requests is also available and live chat with the Dj.
  • An app for shopaholic that offers deals, promos, on-sale and event upcoming events. Filtering what's near you will help you cut the cumbersome looking for offers and sale.
Bar App
  • A bar app for both bartenders and customers. Offers menu, promos, deals and paying drinks with a twist by making a fist bump while holding your phone with the bartender.
24/7 App
  • A Social media application for customers that needs skilled worker that will fit for job they posted.
Graph & Rating App
  • A graph and rating app that gives you who's party list is leading for the upcoming election.
Photo Booth App
  • A portable photo booth that you can use in events, birthdays or even with just your friends.

Hunters App

  • An app that connects hunters all over the world. Sharing amazing hunting adventures, trophies and inspire all over the world.

Service App

  • A new way to find craftsmen. Post a job that you want to get done, and let the craftsmen inquire you by bidding on it. It lets you rate the tradesman, send messages, upload photos and videos. The more credible and more rating you have, the more customers you'll have. 

Time Tact App

  • A mobile app that lets you bring all important job and business data. Track and record timesheets, milage, expenses, invoices and reports.

Cleaning Service App

  • Is an ingenious system that is specific restated cleaning industry. It give the ease of use for both the customers and the cleaning industry to supply workers and and track them from start until the end of the job.


  • A tool for that will aid the users with IBD to monitor the level of severeness and other symptoms. It also offers a list of medicine that can a doctor can prescribe to you. Generating a report that makes easier for the doctor to give assessment to the patient.

Post Education App

  • A collection of post education opportunities such as courses, seminars, events, conferences, exhibits for those who want to purse more after graduation.
  • Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, iOS 4, iOS 9
Research and Development Engineer
April 2009 - April 2011
  • Develop, maintain and support application programs for Software Utility on laptop computer using C++ and related tools.
  • Analyze code for system testing and debugging; create test transactions to find, isolate and rectify issues.
  • Also led the programming tasks including enhancements, maintenance and support for clients’ applications and interfaces
  • Engineered software products, handling complex analysis and intricate programming to meet project requirements;
  • Screen Reading Optimizer
  • ThinkPad Tablet Shortcut Menu
  • ThinkPad TrackPoint
  • Tablet Service
  • Ultranav Utility
  • Led and fixed intricate bugs raised without replicating procedure provided.
  • Served as a core group member for developing the modules of one of the projects and has been congratulated for finding the overall code quality to be very good.
  • Reengineered software utility that fueled improvements to productivity, efficiency, uptime and accuracy of the project.
  • Able to lead the team for a short time without having delays and handle critical issues raised in the project.
  • Performs coding and debugging
  • Creates test plans and test cases
  • Performs unit testing, integration testing and system testing
  • Bug fixing and analysis

Development of Test Management System

Web Based Test Management System (WebTEMS) is a web-based open source Test Management System to be developed to support Lenovo's Test management processes.

  • Performs coding and debugging
  • Creates test plans and test cases
  • Performs unit testing, integration testing and system testing
  • Bug fixing and analysis

Business Technologies: MFP Language Verification

  • Language integration and verification testing for Konica Minolta Business Technologies’ Office Systems
  • newest Multi-function printer products; The task is to ensure the quality and accuracy of 8 Language
  • displays, perform Unit Test and fix the problems found and reported by the test team.
  • Developed a macro tool the improvement of productivity in terms of execution of test cases.
  • Debugger/Tester
  • Test Case Creation and execution
  • Test Result Reporting
  • Debugging and Bug Fixing
  • Technologies: C++, PHP

B.S. in Information Technology
2005 - 2009
AMA Computer College Biñan
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