Financial Software Developer Cohen


Mid-level Financial Software Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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With 5 years of experience in IT industry. Accomplished, analytical and results oriented professional interested in working in an IT related company. Goal directed. Skilled communicator, persuasive and adaptable. Maintain interpersonal communication, time management, and problem resolution skills. Motivated, hardworking, reliable and productive, proven ability to deliver high-quality work and excellent customer satisfaction.

Detail-oriented, systematic and proficient in computer applications and system development. Strong problem-solving and excellent communication skills.

Work Experience

Technical and Dev Supervisor
December 2015 - Present
  • Lead and supervise technical support engineers / support developers.
  • Responsible for scheduling fieldwork (ocular, meetings, etc).
  • Oversee Development of project conceptualization, design, and installation.
  • Oversee after-sales maintenance to accounts.
  • Works hand and hand with the administrative manager in formulating quotations for accounts.
  • Over all in charge in installation and implementation of develop solutions.
  • Manages all server related solutions requirements.
  • Develop plans and process design to improve long term capabilities of a server system.
  • Develop new tools and procedure aimed at making server maintenance more effective and efficient.
  • Develops solution based on the corporate account requirements.
  • Works closely with the rest of the team to come up with the best plan and design.
  • Works closely with the project manager in presenting concept and design to corporate accounts.
  • Technologies: Python, Django, Nodejs, Redux
Solutions/Web Developer
November 2014 - November 2015
  • Develops programs/systems that provides solutions to existing and potential clients.
  • Develop and create buffer of web-based and locally based tools that are reusable for other accounts.
  • Conducts research in order to formulate accurate system and design and architecture to develop a solution.
  • Creates technical specification and test plans.
  • Evaluating the software and systems that make computers and hardware work.
  • Develop existing programs by analyzing and identifying areas for modification.
  • Writing and testing codes and refining and rewriting as necessary.
  • Integrating existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together.
  • Maintains historical records by documenting system software changes and revisions.
  • Works closely with the project manager to get a good grasp of the account’s requirements hence developing a efficient system.
  • Demonstrate technical skills to accounts for presenting purposes.
  • Prepares reference for users by writing operating instructions.
  • Prepares system installation by studying software capabilities and operations, including task scheduling, memory management, file system and input output requirements.
  • Set up new/rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. In accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
  • Technologies: Python, Django
Apple Service Engineer
April 2013 - October 2014
  • Responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting of software and hardware of Apple products.
  • Answers the technical questions of all users, escalating it to higher- ups if required.
  • Meticulously tracks the details of completed tasks.
  • Perform diagnostics and hardware repair on both walk-in and corporate product assigned within the prescribed Turn-Around Time on both computer and mobile devices.
  • To conduct thorough quality checking and/or testing on all repaired units prior to its release to clients.
  • To properly accomplish necessary written technical reports and ensure that all mandatory job details on the system, GSX, Filemaker Pro, are accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • To know and apply the Apple warranty guidelines, and procedures, including ACPP.
  • To keep orderly and clean workbench/area, comply with ESD requirements, and ensure that customers’ products are stored in safe, secured and accessible location.
  • To keep abreast of the newest Apple products, technical bulletins, repair procedures, and cascade/share such tofellow engineers.
  • To seek assistance on complex technical issues and/or repairs through existing escalation channel, and subsequently apply the approved technical measure.
  • To support the Customer Service Group in matters pertaining to customer complaints arising and in walk-in and phone-in technical inquiries from time to time.
  • To comply with all existing service policies, procedures and house rules, particularly on maintaining confidentiality on all Apple information and data.
  • To perform other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Technologies: IOS

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2009 - 2013
New Era University
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