ECMAScript 6 Developer Clyde


Mid-level ECMAScript 6 Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Over 4 years of total experience developing, enhancing, maintaining a variety of software applications. He also have professional experience with Angular JS, 2, 4 and 5. Proficient in developing browsed-based applications using tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and  AngularJS. He also have experience with Microsoft Azure. Strong ability to communicate with clients and customers, with excellent organizational skills. A team player that helps other developers by providing key information on how to solve their assigned tasks.

Work Experience

Senior Front-End Engineer | Angular Developer
June 2017 - Present
  • Working as a Senior Front End Engineer that has a specialization in Angular JS to improve their projects to be more realtime oriented.


Car-booking App
  • An Android and IOS app for booking cars on-demand.
  • A mobile application developed for an AngelHack hackathon. This is a crowd-sourcing application that allows users to report crimes, notify the people nearby and identify which areas are dangerous / safe.
You Raise Me App
  • An internal web application that could be used by any company that allows employees to give positive feedback regarding their co- employees.
Online shopping portal
  • An e-commerce website that allows the owner to post and sell items.
  • Technologies: AngularJS, Bootstrap, PostgresSql, Ruby on Rails, Firebase, Ionic, C#, MsSQL, Grial UI Kit, Xamarin, Angular 2+


Software Engineer
April 2014 - May 2017


Stock picking and Portfolio Management Platform
  • This system caters both beginner and advanced investors. It allows investors to create and manage stock portfolio using this platform.
Unit Testing
  • A three month project focused on code refactoring, making their code testable, and writing unit tests and integration tests.
Water Temperature IOT Web Application
  • A system that receives and monitors water temperature report from a home geyser device. When a certain temperature is reached, the application notifies the home owner and turns off the device to prevent the geyser from exploding.
Innovation App
  • A social media application that allows innovators to express their ideas and to collaborate with fellow innovators on implementing these ideas.
Digital Home for Entrepreneurs Portal
  • A web application that displays events and available spaces for rent in South Africa. Users can sign up and save articles and mark spaces as favorites.
  • Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, Bootstrap, MsSQL, MSTest, Azure IoT Suite, Azure Hubs, Azure Services, Material Design, XOOPS, Wordpress, MySql



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2010 to 2014
Technological University of the Philippines, Manila
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