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Spree Commerce Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • An expert in Ruby on Rails 3 (Ruby 1.9) developer with around 6 years experience in maintaining, developing and implementing web applications.
  • Experienced in Spree Commerce, Bootstrap 3, Javascript, Jquery, and AJAX
  • Experienced in responsive web design and mobile web development.
  • Have used modern web development tools such as HAML, CoffeeScript and EmberJS
  • Also expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript with knowledge on Visual Basic, C# and MySQL Administration. 
Work Experience

Ruby on Rails Developer
August 2016 - Present
  • Implemented AJAX form validations on the web portal
  • Developed custom e-mail notifications
  • Implemented the new responsive UI using Bootstrap 3
  • Implemented Security Module
  • Develops secured and user-friendly modules
  • Debugged and fixes errors 
  • Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Bootstrap, UI, AJAX
MIS Tech Support
February 2013 - June 2016
  • Troubleshoots hardware and software computer problems
  • Conducts preventive maintenance for computer and printers
  • Configure Printer sharing and troubleshoot printer problems
  • Deploy and maintain network connections
  • Maintain working condition for Poseidon Server
  • Administrate the Web Server, the network firewall, the NAS (Synology) and the IM Server (Openfire / Spark Messenger)
  • Conducts Google App familiarization and administrate Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Vault)
  • Conducts Company Website Orientation
  • Configure Blackberry Phone (e-mail synchronization)
  • Maintain and perform basic familiarization for the Wallem Training Systems (Seagull CES, IDESS ITEST, Kongsberg ERS, Steam Engine Simulator, Full Bridge Simulator and ECDIS)

Bachelor in Information Technology (BT-IT)
Technological University of the Philippines
Computer Engineering Technology (BT-CoET)
Technological University of the Philippines
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