Qt Developer Bong


Junior Qt Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Bong has over 4 years extensive experience in mobile app development creating apps form scratch by himself as well as in teams. His strongest technical skill is Android language where he truly excels. Has a passion for creating apps, making responsive mobile applications and contributing to team-based projects. Very adaptable to differing project requirements and deadlines.
  • With 4 years of experience in developing Android applications from planning, design, architecture, implementation and deployment. 
  • A hard working, skilled Android Developer with a positive attitude. He would make an excellent addition to any company in need of Android expertise
Work Experience

Mobile Application Developer
May 2015 - Present
  • Updates apps to newest java/android API releases, features, trends, third-party libraries to keep up with the fast-paced trend in innovations on the mobile platform.
  • Conforms to UI/UX design, material design, handed over by my design team. 
  • Coordinates well with other teams for cross platform UI/UX experience with IOS/Design for a smooth and parallel user experience for clients.
  • Constantly update new security features for payment systems such as BrainTree, Masterpass, VisaCheckout ,etc for app integration. 
  • Technologies: Java, MVC/MVP/MVVM Framework/Architecture, S.O.L.I.D. Object Oriented Programming, Reactive Framework (RxJava), Android Studio 3/Gradle 3, Git, Jenkins Continuous Integration System, Test Driven Development, Android SDK, Linux
Software Engineer I
June 2014 - May 2015

Project 1:

This app is used to grade the researched samples of research analysts all over global offices of one of a software company for quality control. Maintains and implements enhancement requests, data correction requests, back end changes. Developed using MVVM, Prism, .NET framework.

Project 2:

The infrastructure team handles the development and maintenance of the common library used by one of a software company's software engineers all over the globe. 

  • Technologies: C, C#, WPF .NET Applications, Microsoft SQL Server, Git, Jenkins , Android

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2010 - 2014
University of the Philippines
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