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Senior Sitefinity Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Solutions-driven Microsoft Certified Professional with a track record of commended performance in web development and modular and object-oriented programming. Well-versed in all phases of the software development cycle, with a strong working knowledge in algorithms and data structures. Proven success on solutions by improving the business processes, operations and profitability. Fluent in Filipino, English and Japanese languages.

Work Experience

Lead .Net Developer
April 2017 - Present
  • Has lead a team of developers
  • Fix bugs of application web services
  • Technologies: MVC, ASP.NET, C#, WebAPI

Project 1:

A SaaS based compliance platform which enables organizations to manage and monitor compliance activities within their organization. Used C# MVC4 as framework, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2012 as database. This was further rearchitect to use scala and microservice architecture but still works with legacy mvc app.

Project 2:

A large web-based intranet client-server application system that is used for branch-wide foreign exchange transactions of one of the biggest bank in the Philippines. Used C# MVC4 as framework, SQL Server 2005 and AS400 as database.

Project 3:

Developed a web-based report launching and maintenance system to provide ease and accessibility for business related transactions reports. Used C# MVC4, HTML, CSS and Javascript using SQL Server as data and security database.

Lead/Senior .Net Developer
August 2014 - March 2017
  • Has lead a team of agile developers
  • Added a number of key features for the CPDone platform
  • Automated the deployment of solution to test and uat from the CI server using Team City and Octopus Deploy
  • Created unit and integration tests using N-Unit/MoQ and Specflow scenarios
  • One of the key production guys
  • Administrator of different tools used by the company such as AWS, Cloudflare, etc.
  • Key part of migrating the mvc project to a microservice scala-based architecture.
  • Created web api for the legacy mvc project
  • Technologies: AWS, C#, WebAPI, MVC

Project 1: Web based Translator System

Developed a web-based dictionary system for translation of Japanese to English and vice versa by keeping a database that retains a memory of the nearest direct translation of a word or phrase from one language to another. Used C# MVC4 and SQL Server as database.

Project 2: Fingerprint Time Keeping System

Developed a Windows application, as part of a team, to provide a company a proprietary employee attendance keeping system using a Finger Print Scanner. Used C# as front end, MS SQL Server 2005 as backend, Crystal Reports XI as reporting tool and Finger Print scanner as biometric tool.

Project 3: Calibration System

Developed a Windows application for a company that will manage the calibration data and procedures of its industrial equipment. Used C#.Net as front end, MS SQL Server 2005 as backend and Crystal Reports XI as reporting tool.

Senior .Net Developer/ Lead Developer
August 2013 - July 2014
  • Created their Foreign Exchange(Forex) transaction system – a web-based applications using C# MVC4 and ASP.Net
  • Maintained windows-based applications created from VB6.
  • Interface applications created from VB6 and web-based application via WCF
  • Created business proposals, system diagrams, requirement acquisition documents
  • Performed Unit test, SIT and UAT using automation and manual schemes.
  • Technologies: C#, MVC,, VB6

Project 1: Accounting Reports

Created Crystal Reports for a company’s accounting system that automatically creates Official Receipts and Account Payable Vouchers. Used Crystal Reports XI as the reporting tool, Intuit® Quickbooks as the accounting software where data is taken, and QODBC as the ODBC used by Crystal Reports to connect to Quickbooks database.

Project 2: Flow Designer

Developed “flows”, as part of a team, that integrates and manipulates data from different sources and different systems to supply an output compatible to the succeeding modules. Used Asteria Warp as the integration tool and SQL as data query language.

Project 3: Interface Program

Developed a program that serves as the interface between two different systems. Used C# as Front End and Access DB as backend that are installed on different locations. VBScript and BAT Scripts to download master data from Oracle DB and upload to Access DB, and Task Scheduler to perform a scheduled DB update.

Project 4: Master File Auto-Update

Developed a program, as part of a team that creates Master Files on a weekly basis that integrates data from different sites and provides a history tracking of any data changes. Used C# as front end, Access DB as buffer database and Oracle DB as backend, C# and PL-SQL for data manipulations, DB Link and Oracle ODBC for DB connections and Task Scheduler to perform a scheduled run of scripts.

Project 5: Master Document File

Installed a program on one document file to create a link to thousands of documents from its corresponding file location. Used Excel VBA.

Senior Programmer
February 2010 - August 2013
  • Created web-based and windows application using using C# using MVC4, Java, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports XI.1
  • Conducted unit testing on the developed programs.
  • Performed software deployment, conducted user trainings and support
  • Maintained the developed programs for newly discovered faults or requirements
  • Was deployed to Japan and acted as Team Leader/Senior Programmer 
  • Extracted requirements and performs requirement analysis
  • Created programs using C#, VBScripts and BAT Scripts, Oracle DB (SQL * Plus) and Task Scheduler, Lotus Notes
  • Conducted unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing on the developed programs.
  • Created documents such as User Manuals, Technical Specifications, Function Lists, Workflows, etc.
  • Performed software deployment, conducted user trainings and support
  • Maintained the developed programs for newly discovered faults or requirements
  • Technologies: C#, VBScripts, MVC, Oracle DB, Java, SQL

Project : User Notification Program

Created a batch file to perform a continuous tests on a private network’s condition and then e-mails the user for the test results on scheduled periods. Used C# and Lotus Notes as Email System.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
2005 - 2010
Technological University of the Philippines
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