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Senior Apex Developer
17 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Highly seasoned and accomplished Salesforce Developer with a strong record of client satisfaction. Adept at explaining highly complex data systems to a wide variety of audiences. Proven multitasker independent worker and team player. Strong experience in Salesforce Development and Design. Excellent understanding of Eclipse and other Integrated Development Environments High oral and written communication skills. Sound ability to integrate various business processes across different systems.
Work Experience

Salesforce Administrator/Developer
January 2013 - Present
  • As the developer, Responsible for internal development tasks like Purchasing, Mobile Asset, Holiday Allowances and Absence Requests.
  • As the deployment manager, Responsible for successful deployment of all Salesforce releases from sandboxes into production, and also overall release/change management process on the platform.
  • As the frontline support:
    1. Provide 1st line support for the all the applications built on the platform and manage an incident queue of incoming tickets to ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.
    2. Liaise directly with business users to understand the issues they are facing.
    3. Establish a working relationship with the development teams to understand their applications and establish resolutions.
    4. Is expected to troubleshoot & investigate issues before passing onto the 2nd line development teams, which might involve liaising with the IT Service Desk. Part of my frontline support responsibilities are perform user management, execute data uploads to load/fix data on mass, build reports and dashboards and assist in user on-boarding and training.
  • As for General Administration, Is involve in some advanced admin / declarative programming duties including general process improvements on the platform and keeping up to date with the latest plans, developments and changes in the Salesforce.com platform
  • Technologies: Salesforce
Analyst Programmer
May 2010 - December 2012
  • Was part of the team who provides development, maintenance and general production support to Saleslogix Application. The said application is a third-party customer relationship management (CRM) that allows user to acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships. It is being modified by our team to adhere to company’s needs. It is using VB .Net and VB Script and Crystal Reports 9 for the reports with a SQL Server 2000 backend.
  • Technologies: VB.Net, VB Script, Crystal Reports, SQL Server
SQL Developer/Reports Specialist
July 2009 - May 2010
  • Was part of the team who provides development, maintenance, change orders and general production support to various reporting processes that caters to internal and external clients across several geographic locations.
  • Monitored and supported daily database jobs. These jobs are mainly for transformation of data for generations of different types of reports. These jobs are made up of different DTS packages. Generated reports of these jobs are submitted daily, weekly and monthly to the clients with different requirements (format, SLAs, etc.).
May 2009 - June 2009
  • Was assigned to develop the Usage Summary Report using Crystal Report 8.5, Active Server Pages (ASP) Classic with SQL Server 2000 as its backend.
  • Also, part of the development assignment, was the Push Notification Services. This functionality automatically sends messages to subscribers to remind them what they need to do.
  • Technologies: Crystal Report, ASP, SQL Server 2000
Onsite Coordinator/Team Lead Developer
July 2004 - March 2009
  • As the onsite coordinator,
    1. Was assigned to gather requirements from users  and customer service agents,
    2. Generate software requirements documents (SRD) for each enhancement to be developed by the offshore team,
    3. Supervise and manage UATs, and manage the tasks and hours of each offshore developer.
    4. Was responsible for coordinating with other onsite developers working on the AOP project and submitting weekly status reports to NWA project managers.
    5. Handled a number of sub-projects under AOP such as Worldspan Insulation and API Plus.
    6. Was also responsible for scoping/impact analysis, requirements gathering and technical designing of these sub-projects.
    7. Provided production support during the Alpha and Beta testing for the Worldspan Insulation project.
    8. Was given access to online production data to investigate issues related to AOP.
  • As the lead developer,
    1. Was assigned to develop the Common Use Insulation application. This is a WinSock application that deals with peripherals used in printing.
    2. Did analysis and started the coding for eGW migration project for the Common Use Environment.
    3. Was part of the core team that worked on AOP change requests and enhancements.
    4. Was assigned to develop major enhancements such as the Flight Interruption Manifest and API Plus. A large percentage of the enhancements and change requests for AOP was the generation of various reports, which required complex SQL stored procedures to be created for data retrieval.
  • As the business analyst,
    1. Was assigned to do impact and requirements analysis on all enhancements and customer service requests.
    2. Was responsible for documenting the functional and technical specifications for the project as well as enforcing CMMI standards on all AOP documentation 
  • As a resource person for the production support, Provided technical support for AOP applications via regular monitoring of Trouble Reports and issue-related emails reported to the Helpdesk from the coverage group and responding to calls from Helpdesk, Field Engineers and Agents
  • As a software quality assurance engineer, Was tasked to generate test case scenarios and perform functional, unit and regression testing.
  • Technologies: Visual Basic 6 , Sybase, WinSQL
April 2004 - June 2004
  • Was given the task of redesigning the pages of the company website.
  • Was also assigned to work extensively on the modules used for mapping and displaying the images dynamically.
  • Technologies: ASP, HTML, Javascript, CSS
August 2003 - April 2004
  • Was assigned to work on the application that keeps track of employee leaves and the module that features the salary computation.
  • Was  given the task of creating report templates for the various financial reports, which necessitated the extensive use of complex SQL statements in stored procedures.
  • Technologies: VB, Crystal Reports , SQL Server 2000
February 2003 - August 2003
  • Was assigned to work on the application that interfaces with the scanners used for tagging items that have been delivered to each warehouse.
  • Developed the portion of the system that updates and stores the location of the delivered items, keeps track of the automotive parts in the warehouse and generates inventory reports for management consumption.
  • Technologies: VB, Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2000

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of the Philippines Los Baños
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