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Senior ExpressionEngine Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Software Engineer/Web Developer/Full Stack Developer with 7 years professional experience in the  system and web development (backend, middleware, front-end). Has experience in Java, Javascript, JQuery, Python, PHP, Object-oriented programming (OOP), MVC design patterns, SQL and NoSQL Database, Cloud service ( AWS ) and various APIs. 

Established good working relationships with customers/clients. Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy work load and deadlines. Give importance to accuracy and attention to details. Functions with a strong sense of urgency and thrives in a fast-paced setting. Meets tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Meticulous and undertakes complex assignments. Excellent ability to adapt to difficult situations. Highly resourceful, objective and reliable. Ability to work in a team driven environment.

Work Experience

Software Engineer / Data Migration Lead
July 2014 - Present
  • Developing system/web software with HIGH ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN (backend, middleware,front-end) using Python programming language.
  • Analysing the method of transforming existing data into a format for the new environment and the loading of this data into other database structures. 
  • Reviewing and enhancing the performance of the migration process. 
  • Providing support documentation for the methods and tools provided.
  • Conducting analysis of databases with the goal of producing the initial data mapping for the extraction process.
  • Collaborating and communicating with clients to ensure the accuracy of data as it is being found and stored in a database
  • Collaborating and communicating with the web and mobile team toensure vast quantities of data can be moved into the system without affecting performance.
  • Creating accurate python scripts to load the data into the target database. 
  • Assigning and managing task to develop efficient scripts on the migration process. 
  • Technologies: Python, Docker, ReactJS, AngularJS, React Native, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Software Engineer
June 2012 - June 2014
  • Developing and supporting new and existing system/web software using PHP programming language. 
  • Reports to the Senior Developer of the status of all problems and assigned projects on a regular basis.
  • Assists developers, analysts, and designers in conceptualizing and development of new software programs and applications.
  • Assists in the preparation and documentation of program requirements and specifications.
  • Assists in the research and document requirements of program users. 
  • Develop web applications according to requirement specifications. 
  • Deploy and monitor software performance tests on new and existing programs. 
  • Resolving errors, isolating areas for improvements and general debugging.
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of user manuals and guidelines. 
  • Resolving programs with software products or company software systems.
  • Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Docker, Laravel
IT Staff / System Developer
May 2011 - May 2012
  • Developing and supporting new and existing system/web software using VB.NET and PHPprogramming language. 
  • Developed, tested and deployed modular internal systems.
  • Maintained existing systems and designed and delivered new systems.
  • Designed intuitive graphical user interfaces using knowledge of serial communications, Global Positioning System (GPS), web development and database design. 
  • Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing business process flow and increasing productivity.
  • Installed and configured computer hardware operating systems and applications. 
  • Monitored and maintained computer systems, hardware and networks. e OAuth 2.0, Google Maps V3, Google Charts
  • Technologies: VB.NET, PHP

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2007 - 2011
Cavite State University
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