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CakePHP Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Ameliana is an information technology professional capable of managing and maintaining technology projects from concept to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity. 
  • With at least seven years of experience as a web developer. Strong analytical skills on conventional and out of the box solutions for developing applications used by clients from private companies to government institutions. Excellent at working independently on multiple projects while also a compatible team player through a project’s development life cycle.
  • Strong personal skills including focused listening, logical thinking, and working in a high-pressure team-oriented environment. Can and willingness to adapt to new technologies, standards, and ideas.
  • Computer information literate, capable of using different computer applications. Fast learner, can easily do work on time and has a positive attitude towards work.
Work Experience

Lead Operations (PHP Developer)
January 2014 - Present
  • Designed the Database schema using Postgres for AGM internal system.
  • Improve the system by upgrading the design to PHP 7 and Laravel 5.3
  • Setup Apache server to be used for the AGM system.
  • Apply TDD using PHPUnit in all AGM deployed modules and other standalone projects.
  • Handle logistics mainly used for local distribution from co-suppliers and customers of AGM.
  • Construct and produce project proposal and item quotation to be used for biddings to local projects.
  • Handle basic bookkeeping and taxation for AGM.
  • Making Technology recommendation based on our client’s request.
  • Provide technical support for clients Hardware, Software and other peripherals
  • Act as liaison for Vendors and other Suppliers.
  • Manage inventory of items successfully delivered and in stock.
  • Develop and improve modules design for system improvement using Python 3.6
  • Improve AGM website using flask.
Application Developer
May 2012 - May 2014
  • Worked with a team of developers for the Internal System TAMIS.
  • Lead developer for the improvement TAMIS both Phase I and Phase II.
  • Partnered with subject matter experts to help build the modules for Phase I and Phase II of TAMIS.
  • .Improved the TAMIS UI application to be more streamlined using HTML5 and CSS
  • Enhanced TAMIS Modules backend side using PHP and POSTGRES.
  • Design and Maintained the Postgres Database schema and Backups
  • .Successfully Implemented the changes on the server side using Apache and FileZilla
  • Designed and implemented complex forms using JavaScript and PHP for Integration of POS Terminal and TAMIS.
  • Participate in testing fully done modules Phase I and Phase II of TAMIS.
  • Installed EWB MAS for Customer Service Department of East West Bank.
  • Assisted in IP Address migration for East West Bank system EWB MAS
  • Assist in Technical Writing and report generation using Oracle database for the Sales Department Tangent Soln. 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
AMA Computer College
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