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Senior Oculus Rift Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Senior Game Developer with strong academic background and experience in developing mobile games / applications for various platforms (IOS, Android, VR, Amazon, tvOS to name a few) using the latest development tools. Have worked from planning, development, testing, staging up to production of different released mobile games and applications in the past.

Productive in both team-based and self-managed projects; committed to continue learning new skills to keep up with the latest trends in game development. 

Work Experience

Lead / Senior Game Developer
December 2013 - Present

Shooter Game

Endless space shooter game targeted towards various platform IOS, Android, Amazon, Web, Steam, tvOS using Unity3D Engine. (Web, Steam, tvOS).

Sports Game

Runner sports game targeted towards IOS and Android platform using Unity3D Engine. (IOS, Android).

Journal App

A journal app using swift programming language for IOS.

Puzzle Game

A multi-player puzzle game specifically designed to run on a table-top touchscreen PC using Unity3D Engine.

Various prototype games and apps:

  • Side-scrolling endless platform game IOS / Android using Unity3D Engine.
  • Arcade - Casual game IOS / Android using Unity3D Engine.
  • Defense Game - 3D Reverse Tower Game IOS / Android using Unity3D Engine.
  • Shooting Game - Android Gear VR using Unity3D Engine.
  • SMS App - Orthodontist Messaging App IOS.
  • Sports Utilities App IOS.
  • Babysitting App IOS.
  • Developed Game Plugins 
  • Social Localisation 
  • Dynamic Configuration 
  • Engine Extension
  • Technologies: Unity3D, Android, iOS, Unity 3d game engine
Senior Game Developer
November 2012 - November 2013
  • Developed a Multiplayer Card Game for Android
  • Developed multiple games with AI as part of our internal Mini Game Jam within 1 month.
  • Currently developing another mobile game
  • Technologies: Unity3D, XCode, iOS, Android
Junior Game Developer
June 2011 - October 2012
  • Developed an app with a small team of mobile game developers implementing ideas and maintaining a multiplayer 2D tower defense type of game using unity3d game engine available in IOS and Android platform.
  • Worked with a small team of mobile game developers in developing, implementing ideas and maintaining a multiplayer 2D side-scrolling racing type of game using unity3d game engine available in IOS platform.
  • IOS Development Phase.
  • Co-Maintained a SIMS-like game built using COCOS2D game framework on XCode.
  • Developed Game Plugins o Crash
  • Reporter IOS / Android. 
  • Technologies: iOS, Android, Unity3D, 2D, XCode

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Engineering
2007- 2011
FEU - East Asia College
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