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React Native Developer
2 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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An upbeat software engineer that has a natural affinity on all things about technology. Also interested on the business side of things and product design. Application Developer that loves challenges, proactively explores newer technologies, and adapts with ease. An enthusiast in writing clean and efficient codes, keen in best practices. He aspires to have a substantial role in a company that would enable him to work closely with a team to build a product that will empower customers and most especially the company. He plans to lead and direct his own little internet company someday. He possesses a number of skills ranging from mobile app development, platform development, software architecture, and product design

Work Experience

Mobile / Front end Development Supervisor
April 2018 - Present
  • Monitor project progress and resource performance.
  • Brainstorm project approaches and take decisions.
  • Brainstorm with project managers and owners on project brewing phase.
  • Coordinate with project managers and project owners.
  • Collaborate with Clients’ technical entities.
  • Reports project status on development manager.
  • Provide technical guidance on direct reports.
  • Turn-over and assigns technical tasks to direct reports.
  • Handles and responds on all mobile technology related queries as mobile
  • architecture and technologies expert in relation with goFLUENT technologies.
  • Create mobile applications based on business and technical requirements.
  • Create custom mobile applications based on legacy mobile app.
  • Investigate production issues of mobile application.
  • Provide bug fixes on development and production environment issues.
  • Create REST services for mobile applications.
  • Provide templates and front-end designs on portal website.
  • Investigate and provide bug fixes on portal website.
  • Create project related documentations.
Web and Application Developer
May 2014 - May 2015
  • Create PHP web applications and mobile apps for Australian clients.
  • Maintain released projects within and beyond warranty period
  • Restructure and redesign network infrastructure.
  • Maintain network infrastructure.
  • Monitor network usage and performance.
  • Maintain workstation systems.
  • Implement diskless approach on workstations.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
AMA Computer College
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