Top 10 Things To Remember as You Welcome 2017

We’ve reached the year of 2017 against all odds and It’s been tough. But the greatest testament to our strength is how we don’t lose sight of the possibilities that 2016 brought out for us. Experiences both bad and good will always come our way, and we can only really accept and learn from them or be debilitated. We want you to remember these few things when you face stronger currents the remaining 11 months:

Kindness is always the solution.

Be kind to others. This is nothing new. But something we often forget is how to be kind to ourselves. Sometimes we’re ready to compromise just about anything for the benefit of someone else, but when it boils down to making choices on whether to make ourselves happy, there are always excuses. Be kind to yourself enough to know that your happiness should be a priority too.

A new environment is sometimes what you need.

Every single choice we make matters. When you’re stuck in an uninspiring environment that affects you and how you make choices, sometimes it’s more compromising to stay than it is to risk looking for a kinder and conducive setting.

You can walk away.

Walking away does not mean you are a coward or that you don’t value things or people enough. In fact, walking away means you value what you’re facing enough to know that the best solution might not make you look good to other people, but other people’s perception of you is nothing compared to the peace of mind that everyone will find.

Prioritize learning.

Everything we receive from the universe, we can learn from. But sometimes, there are better learning opportunities elsewhere. Don’t waste your chance to find them over something you find doesn’t make you grow.

You’re allowed to change.

The closest to us sometimes find a way to make us feel guilty about becoming different people. Don’t let that convince you that you’re only allowed to be who you are now. You are human after all. The things you go through affect you and that’s what changes you.

That is an amended quote from Richard Branson. It is one of the best advice known to mankind. Don’t let the opportunity pass because you think you don’t know how to do it justice. If you really want the opportunity, you will find a way.

Don’t underestimate yourself.

Sometimes you need to be your own greatest fan. You need to believe yourself because most of the people who succeeded in this world were told they couldn’t do it. And they made the right choice by not listening to non-believers.

Better tired than stagnant.

When you feel that you’ve been running around aimlessly, don’t be discouraged. It’s better to be on your feet and actively seeking than to be in the same place where you started. Just make sure you keep your goal in sight, and keep fighting for it.

Do not underestimate gratitude.

At the end of the day, we receive what we can handle. That in itself is something to be thankful for. Show your gratitude by giving every opportunity justice. Don’t let anxiety or self-doubt waste the challenges and gifts you receive.

Growth cannot be measured by money.

If what you value is enriching your mind and soul, aiming for a better car or bigger salary is counterintuitive. Wanting money and success is not at all bad. However, do not make the mistake of equating one with the other. Growth cannot be bought. It is a process that is arduous and its attainment is priceless. It involves great sacrifice but greater return.

We hope you find your strength to welcome the best and the not so good of 2017!



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