Featured .NET Developer: Gerros Claveria

Who says developers can’t be athletic? When away from the computer screen, Senior .NET developer Gerros, a.k.a Mr. Muscle Man, tries to lives an active lifestyle. Knowing moves from boxing to Muay Thai, he can save you from the bullies! Aside from being one of our expert .NET developers here at Cloud Employee, Gerros is also skilled in the martial arts.


But, before you read the full interview, let’s get to know Gerros up close and personal in the short clip below. 


Just a few things about Gerros

Q: How long have you been at Cloud Employee?

Gerros: Almost two years now (1 year and 10 months).


Q: What is your position?

Gerros: I am currently a Senior .NET Developer.


Q: How did you start as a .NET developer?

Gerros: I became a .NET developer on towards the end of my first job at a university.



We heard you do boxing and MMA workouts so...

Q: What MMA workouts have you tried? And how did you get started?

Gerros: I did karate, boxing and Muay Thai, also a bit of Yaw-Yan (a Filipino style of kickboxing, aka Sayaw ng Kamatayan or Dance of Death). Most of the workouts are for endurance, kicking exercises and some for arm and punches.


I started joining these workouts when I was going to the gym primarily to get rid of excess fat and for self-defence.


Q: What other activities or sports are you into?

Gerros: I’m not really into sports but I’ve tried cycling. I would go mountain biking with my friends and relatives whenever I was staying in Batangas.


Q: Can you give us some tips on how to start a physically active lifestyle? 

Gerros: I don’t have any tips I can share, but what I can tell you is that if you can find time for physical exercise, please do so. It’s refreshing; It’s good for you and good for your health, especially if you do it correctly.



Your life at Cloud…

Q: Walk us through your day. What’s a typical day like for you as a developer?

Gerros: When I get to the office, I usually get a cup of coffee. I clock in with Replicon then go about my work immediately. I would check on some tasks from Trello that I can work on or continue my task from yesterday. I also chat or call with my client using Skype to check in with them or get some more information on the task I’m working on.


Q: What is the best thing about your job?

Gerros: I think the best thing about my job is the challenge. The current project I’m working on is a desktop application where I need to apply certain technologies to some features; some of these technologies are new to me, some I have not tried using. some of the technology that I need to apply to some features are new to me or I have not tried using. One example is making that application work with an audio recording device with multiple channels for voice recording.


Q: What is something your office mates don’t know about you?

Gerros: That’s a secret. They will know if I tell! (laughs)


Q: How do you beat work distractions or boredom?

Gerros: Most of the time, I just listen to music.


Q: How are the people at your office?

Gerros: Most of the people are nice, and I’m able to get along with them easily. It’s also probably because of my personality.


Q: What’s your most memorable moment at Cloud Employee?

Gerros: I think it was when I won one of the competitions (laughs). But there other memorable moments especially with the project I’m currently working on.


Q: What made you decide to work here?

Gerros: The truth is, this is the first company I got to work here in Manila. My previous work was located at Batangas. After I was contacted by Cloud Employee, I didn't bother following up my application with other companies.


Q: What do you love about Cloud Employee?

Gerros: First, my client; second are the people I get to be with.



Last Question…

Q: For you, what are three great practices .NET developers should follow?


  1. Make a plan before you start writing your code (readable code, consistent naming conventions).

  2. Refactor your code as much as possible to optimise it and prevent repeating long lines of code that do the same thing.

  3. Always do error logging.




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