7 Upcoming Gadgets to Check out This Later Half of 2019

In today’s world, almost everything we do in our everyday lives, from how we communicate, navigate, and learn, to how we shop, pay our bills, and even plan our vacations involves some sort of tech gadget. And with every passing year, we are introduced to more technological innovations that always aim to better its user experience. 


With the half-year mark of 2019 coming up, here’s an awesome lineup of upcoming gadgets to look forward to. 

1. Royole’s Flexible Keyboard

Although new to the tech scene, Royole comes out with another game-changing tech gadget after beating South Korean giant Samsung in releasing the first commercial foldable smartphone in the market. The company now sets to release the very first flexible and rollable QWERTY keyboard.


This unique keyboard can be placed on any flat surface, and connect to any device via Bluetooth. Royole’s QWERTY keyboard brings a new meaning to portability with its rollability feature, significantly refining its overall user experience. 

2. nreal’s Mixed Reality Glasses

Founded in January of 2017 by Chi Xu and Bing Xiao, nreal has been actively paving the way in the development of ready-to-wear mixed reality devices. The company’s nreal light mixed reality glasses is anticipated to be the world’s first wearable MR glasses.


What makes the nreal light a much-awaited gadget is its wide-screen vivid display, despite its lightweight and comfortable fit. These cool new gadgets are launching on the third quarter of this year.



3. LG’s Signature OLED TV R

LG’s Signature OLED TV R, one of the most anticipated gadgets to come out later this year, pushes the boundaries of the home viewing experience. 



Image from GIPHY


The television is a 65-inch OLED TV that can slide up and down to a small box depending on when it is in use or not. To simply put it, it is a gadget that adds to the aesthetic and feel of a space with its ability to disappear from plain site.


4. R-PUR Nano Mask


Amongst all the new gadgets coming out, the R-PUR Nano Mask is the first of its kind—an anti-pollution mask specially created to help protect drivers users of two-wheel vehicles such as motorcyclists by filtering out toxic particles, fine particles and bacteria.


The mask consists of patented technology that filters the fine particles and nanoparticles that could cause serious health problems: a watertightness feature that filters 99.98% of the air and a carbon layer that absorbs harmful gases. With this new gadget, bike riders are able to healthily ride at ease and with style.




Unlike most of the upcoming gadgets in this lineup, Groove X’s Lovot is a gadget with a different purpose. The Japanese robotics startup aims to bring happiness and love to its owners in the form of a tiny adorable robot.

Most robots are designed for specific technical functions, such as building cars or performing surgical procedures. Groove X’s Lovot stands out from the rest because it’s more than just a ‘tool’; it's a companion.



 Video from YouTube



The pint-size robot whizzes around in its wheels in full energy as a little kid would. Its features include a fuzzy fabric exterior, pressure sensors which have the ability to know when it’s being touched, and a plastic horn with a camera.

This cute little gadget is not for necessity nor practicality, but for pure enjoyment. The Lovot is now available for pre-orders on its main site.

 6. Nuheara’s IQBuds MAX

Among the wireless Bluetooth earbuds available in the market, what sets Nuheara’s IQbuds MAX apart from the rest? 



IQBuds MAX is Nuheara’s top-of-the-line product with three microphones on each ear, tripling its hearing capability. Its sound monitoring abilities enable it to analyse sounds from both the outside and inside of the ear. The earbuds possess features such as a Hybrid Active noise cancellation technology, smart sensors, and personalisation through Nuheara’s EarID that can assess the user’s personal hearing.

With the IQBuds MAX, the user’s listening experience is raised to the next level with the high spec technology that each pair hold. 




In this digital era, a simple wristwatch with a sole purpose of telling the time doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. There has been a rising demand for smartwatches packed with multiple features like a heart rate sensor, a GPS, and a pedometer to monitor your runs, hikes and bike rides. All packed in a 47 mm diameter, the Matrix PowerWatch 2 aims to be an all-in-one smartwatch with its various features. Powerwatch 2 is also water resistant and has the ability to use your body heat to track sleeping patterns.


Here are some of the smartwatch’s anticipated features: an almost-unlimited battery life, compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, a GPS module, and an LCD display. Retailing at only $479 at a limited time only, its flagship smartwatch the Matrix PowerWatch 2 is set to launch this June.


These upcoming gadgets show how much technology has continuously shaped our lifestyle. From taking common everyday devices and turning them into a ‘smarter’ version, these technological advances continue to improve our quality of life.




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