8 Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Teams

For marketing teams, utilising the right tools for digital marketing can effectively boost productivity and help teams produce meaningful content that attracts traffic. 


According to Optimind Technology Solutions (2019), 5.7 out of 10 people worldwide are online today. As the digital space becomes more prevalent in people’s lives, the internet has become everyone’s source for information when it comes to looking for a certain product or service.


A digital marketing team plays a highly significant role in promoting the services or products of a company online. They are responsible for how a company’s brand is presented online by strategically coordinating and producing content that aims to represent the business’ services and products in the best way possible.

Here is a list of digital marketing tools guaranteed to boost a brand’s online presence:



The key to keeping a team’s performance productive and progress on track is organisation. Trello is a highly useful and flexible project management application that works well for small and large teams and for individuals. With Trello, users are able to create boards, and each board contains cards where lists can be used to plan out upcoming tasks or track the progress of a project.

As marketing teams are made up of different roles from writers, designers, managers, and even programmers in some cases, sharing a Trello board helps monitor each team member’s status conveniently. With this tool, a marketing team can stay organised and aligned with their current project, which in turn will increase their overall productivity and performance.

2. Hashtagify

For social media managers, hashtags are a critical element for any post as it can increase a business’ brand reach and reputation. Through its effective targeting of the right audience using relevant hashtag topics for your social media posts, the more your audience can see and engage with your posts, especially on Twitter or Instagram. According to Postcron, tweets which include hashtags are 33% more likely to receive engagement than those without them.


When producing content for their company, digital marketing teams utilise tools like Hashtagify, a hashtag marketing tool, to help marketing teams review, track, and analyse a hashtag for free or for a paid premium version.


With Hashtagify, users can easily find the best performing hashtag (and related hashtags), especially with the tool’s extensive analysis reports. Incorporating these hashtags gained from Hashtagify into their posts helps marketing specialists create and publish posts that have a better chance of receiving higher user engagement.


3. Ubersuggest


To increase your online presence, searchability, and digital ranking, SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital. With this, keyword optimisation can help increase the number of traffic and leads to a site.


SEO expert Neil Patel acquired Ubersuggest, a keyword planning tool where users are given free access to tips and strategies to level up their SEO game. Ubersuggest gathers keyword data from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest.


Users can see keyword volume numbers, as well as find out and understand their competitors’ SEO, content, and marketing strategies through Ubersuggest’s extensive SEO page reports. With this, marketing teams are also able to select popular organic keyword phrases to incorporate in their content ideas. Ubersuggest is currently free and easy-to-use.

4. Google Search Console

As we have established earlier, SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. As such, Google Search Console is essential for monitoring a business’ blog or website. This tool is critical for SEO as it helps the marketing team understand how Google views its online presence. Google Search Console’s multiple functions provide multiple data points and suggestions for resolving issues like searchability and SEO ranking faced by the company’s website.


One of Google Search Console’s important functions is providing significant data on how a business’ content is being displayed in search engine results pages—SERPs. This shows the top pages and keywords along with their rankings that can be monitored by marketing professionals to catch onto new trends instantly. Such findings can be further analysed and, consequently, incorporated into the marketing department’s content production.


These digital tools have proven to significantly help the productivity as well as the efficiency of a marketing team’s overall performance—with the assurance of producing high performing content for their company.

5. LSIGraph

For a small business to show up in search engine results, marketing teams must create content such as blogs, landing pages, and the like which focus on user intent. To be more specific, one of the most effective ways to write content that performs well in search engines is through keyword planning.


Strategising on which words to highlight in your article can help create relevant content and boost your online rankings to rack up the most views. Aside from inserting your main keywords in your content, adding in LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords) is a great and effective way to rank organically.


Digital marketing teams benefit from keyword list generators to help them find the right words to use in their content. LSIGraph is an incredibly handy and easy-to-use tool that provides semantically linked keywords that can be used in an article. LSIGraph offers both free and premium subscription starting at $27 per month.


6. Brand24


One of the essential digital marketing tools that marketing teams rely on are social media monitoring tools. Brand24 is one of the countless social media tools that help digital marketing teams monitor and analyse all online mentions of your keyword.


With Brand24, digital marketing teams can keep track of all mentions of their brand in general. A great feature that the Brand24 offers is its ability to protect the brand’s reputation in all of its digital marketing platforms. The tool does this by automatically reacting to all negative online comments. Brand24 can also monitor hashtag performances and assess how its online audience is receiving the brand’s message. Brand24 starts at $49 and offers a 14-day free trial.

7. SEMrush


Another great keyword planning tool that can help a brand rank organically is SEMrush. This digital marketing tool can conduct extensive research on keyword density searches.


The SEMrush digital marketing tool offers several different features, including backlink analytics, website traffic analysis, and insights about a website’s organic traffic. SEMrush is a powerful marketing tool as it helps give insights and analytics that a marketing team can use to enhance a company’s online brand and better engage with their target audience. SEMrush starts at $99.95 per month.


8. Google Analytics

An essential digital marketing tool for any marketing team, Google Analytics provides marketing professionals with insightful and accurate data regarding a company’s website. Such information includes:


  • Organic traffic gained
  • Bounce rate
  • Goal completion
  • Loading speed of a website
  • The page that attracts the most views and demographic audience information, among many others


With Google Analytics, marketing teams can make better and smarter moves to increase relevant website traffic that will eventually turn into leads or sales, as well as figure out the type of content that works with their target audience.



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